frequently asked questions

q. can you run Callidus on a MacOs
although Callidus is a windows program you can run this on a Mac using a virtual machine such as Parallels. You will need a licenced copy of Windows but once set up Callidus will run "as if" it was a proper Mac program. We don't officially support Callidus running on a Mac but several customers have reported that it works very well.

q. how do we buy it
Callidus is sold on a subscription basis for a fixed monthly fee. This cost includes all program updates and any technical support required. The price does not include training

q. do you offer any training
training can be obtained via our official Callidus distributors who can either visit on site or by logging into your machine and training you for shorter periods.

q. how do we evaluate this
download a free trial on to your own system and test Callidus within your own environment. After installation you will have access to all the training resources available on this site

q. customers are asking for really complex tile patterns. Can Callidus handle these
we have a unique system called TileScript which allows any tile pattern to be created and represented either with colors to even realistic bitmap images