video tutorials

learn the basics of Callidus by watching our video training films.

Some films are hosted in our Callidus on YouTube

Some are hosted on this site (below) 

links below takes you to a classroom where films show many aspects of the Callidus planning system

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Welcome to Callidus

the basics

working from paper drawings
working on screen (part1)
working on screen (part2)
entering rooms of a regular shape
editing the room shape on screen
manipulating rooms on screen (rotating, deleting, flipping etc)
counting items on the plan
scaling drawings and rooms
site dimensions
working with TIF,DWG and other electronic drawings (part 1)
rooms and materials - introductory principals
inserts and void areas

material planning

tile planning
sheet planning (general)
Patterned carpet and roll formation
base planning


data consolidating


End of library